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Dry Cleaning

Our eco-friendly dry cleaning process uses high quality solvents to renew the look of your garments or other various textiles. Our process will lengthen the life of your garments and keep them looking new, longer. We offer same day services to most early customers. This service includes a professional steam press of the garments.

Shirt Laundering

Dress shirts are the back bone of any outfit. Thus, we have invested in a state of the art system to get your shirts looking crisp and feeling as comfortable as possible. We offer Shirt Laundering with or without starch. In addition, we can launder and/or starch any item you wish for us to process in that manner. (I.E. Jeans, Overalls, Dresses, etc...)

Wash & Fold

Got a hectic schedule? Washer and Dryer acting up? Miss your mama? Well we have you covered with our wash and fold services. We will professionally clean your garments and dry them with our heavy duty laundry equipment. Give us a day or two and you're laundry Will be ready in the morning, just like the old days.

Bedding, Linens, Covers

Did you know the average washer and dryer combo in your homes has a 20lb capacity? The average comforter weighs 25lbs. We are here for all your household needs as far as comforters, bed spreads, pillow covers, table cloths, linens, curtains, and much more. We will clean and steam your goods to bring the freshness back into them.

Bridal & Vintage items

Protect your investment today by having us clean and restore it. Our services are perfect for your wedding gowns, formal gowns, dresses, family relics, and other special items.

Leather & Suede

With proper leather cleaning and suede cleaning, genuine leather garments can give you many years of practical wear and enjoyment. We process these items in house, taking the utmost care to ensure your items look and feel renewed after our cleaning process.


Our services include high quality tailoring and alterations. We cater to Men's and Women's garments with various different products such as; Hemming, Waist Adjustment, Tapering, Repairing & Restoring, Binding, Patchwork, Pleating, Zippers, Tassels, and Button Services. Our work is often completed within a week and durable yet typically unnoticeable.

Shoe shine & Repair

Got that nice pair of shoes that's seen better days but you still love them? Bring them in today and we can renew your love with our Shoe Services. Maintaining a good shoe is crucial to an individuals comfort level and professional perception. We cater to Men's,Women's, and Children's Shoes and work is often completed within a week and typically undetectable.

Rugs & Curtains

Rugs, curtains and other decorations items in you home or office can be quite costly to purchase, many times costing well into the thousands. Unfavorably, it is quite certain that among the years something will spill or dirty your investment. Thankfully, we offer top notch rug and curtain cleaning to renew and restore. The process can be time consuming, so give us a few days, however the results are undeniably excellent.